Working on the chain gang

14 Jul 2018

I pound pavements, woodland, beaches or parks as one of my weapons in this battle to stay well. I rarely (never) want to go but I do it because I know I need to or perhaps because I know I have to. I always, without exception, end up having enjoyed it.

Today I walked with my eldest daughter. She is on the final leg of exams and we've had a little more time together. The air was warm even early. It was laden with life. Bees, butterflies, flies, all manner of tiny bodies with wings floating around. The pavement carried dogs and walkers, elderly folks and there were nursery children out for a walk, like little prisoners on the chain gang, harnessed together, some happy, some unhappy, some wearing the runny nose 'number 11' with their sun cream and hat.

Life was abundant. And I was aware of my mood going the same way. I think more of us may be more seasonally driven than we give credit to. I don't just mean that on sunny days we dose up on Vitamin D and the brightness should lift us – I have frequently felt worse on sunny days – I mean that coming out of and into a different time of year can take time and adjustment.

As always, go small. Try open windows. Try drinking that tea outside. Just listen. Creep slowly back into the world if you have to but do it. Even if you only stretch your neck out the window for one wee peek, stay there until you have some thoughts, you may find a new perspective out there. And remind yourself that, as nature teaches us, we have our times to hibernate and we have our times to unfurl. Both serve us, deny neither.

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