26 Nov 2017

'Why worry, there should be laughter after pain

There should be sunshine after rain

These things have always been the same

So why worry now

Why worry now.'

Dire Straits - Why Worry.

This song is in my head. I don't seem to worry about the usual things, like getting old, crime, how I look, my job, money... In fact, I'd say I'm actually quite chilled out about that stuff.

I worry about the little things and sometimes they whizz around my head, especially if I'm on my own. Recently I've taken up meditation to help calm my mind, I'm not great at the routine yet but on the days I remember, it's definitely calming me.

I worry I sleep too much

I worry I don't sleep enough

I worry about what I said

I worry about what I didn't say

I worry that I'm really ill

I worry other people are ill

I worry when I've posted on social media

I worry when I read other people's posts on social media

I worry my friends don't really like me

I worry about being on my own

I worry about socialising

I worry we're not going out enough

I worry I'm not running enough

I worry I'm running too much

I worry my running will turn to self harm

I worry I am doing too much

I worry I'm not doing enough

I've bought a book called the 'worry trick'

I worry I've got too many books.


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