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30 Mar 2023

Like a coat that's showing signs of wear.

I've been worn (out) many times,

And yet, like all things that have served us well, 

I have a certain fondness for myself.

I must have, or l'd have discarded myself earlier.

Now, in my eighth decade, fraying at the edges,

Some days are harder than others.

I'd like to float through the day like a dancer, 

Standing on tiptoe, pirouetting around the room 

With grace and elegance, light as light.

And that's the thing. In my mind, 

I can be that ethereal creature, 

I can imagine her poise, her pretty hands,

Elastic movements and class.

Coupled with that, music to delight and lift.

And hum along to.

The power of the imagination is immense.

It is there for the taking.


I just wrote this off the cuff after learning Moodscope needed more blogs, so can’t vouch for its quality!


But the real question is:

How do YOU “move off the blocks”?

What gets you motivated? 

Is it other people, your will, or other factors?

First of all this morning I tried acrostics. If you’re unfamiliar with this, try picking  a word, say, confidence. Start with the C, and write whatever comes into your mind. A sentence, or a few words. Progress to the O of confidence, and so on through the word. I often find this helpful, as it generates ideas I didn’t know I had.  Writing things down can really help, I believe. You may well have other strategies, so please say what works for you. 


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