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18 Jan 2019

Ever attended an event where everyone brings food for a buffet? For someone as pathetically eager to be liked as I am, it is not just a case of setting down the plates, and walking away to enjoy the company. Oh dear me no. I quickly scan the other offerings, weighing up the competition. What possessed the man (surely it was a man?) who contributed a bag of raw sausages, is he mad?

I glance over. My Nutella brownies are going well, lots of lip-smacking. But it's an hour into the party, and no one has sampled my lemon drizzle. I should have sliced it; no one likes to be the first to cut a cake. I saunter over, slice it, move it closer to the booze. Last time I made this it was scoffed. I tell myself to get real. No one knows who made what. Even if they did, no one is going to come over "Was it you who made that horrible lemon cake? What were you thinking?". Some of my cakes have been enjoyed, recipes have been requested. We are here to talk and laugh together, no one is being graded, on the quality of the baking or the craik. I am among friends.

You can spot the tortuous analogy. A common comment on Moodscope is that someone thought of writing a blog, joining in, bringing something to the table. Something stopped them.

"Who would be interested in my life?" Me for a start, being incurably nosy.

"What if someone is critical or nasty in their response? ". Well, that is possible. You can accept their reaction, respond or ignore it. My favourite is have a go back, but that's just me. Caroline will not tolerate offensive posts.

"It's all very personal, I feel ashamed". Understandable of course. Your secrets are your own. You might be surprised at the number of Moodscopers who know a lot about guilt, shame. You could end up feeling better.

"I don't think I write very well". I promise you no one is checking your grammar, or creative writing skills. This is not the Booker Prize, or a scientific paper for Nature, seeking peer approval. Your Moodscope peer group is a motley crew indeed.

You can be certain that whatever you write will strike a chord with some. They may tell you so, and that feels great. You know those self-help books "Reading this will change your life", surely no one still buys that? I recall however, blogs that have affected me deeply, brought change. Some made me feel better about myself, some made me examine my own destructive behaviour. I know that everyone who writes has wanted to reach out, be heard, connect, as one imperfect fallible human soul to another, making it a bit easier. I am so grateful to them.

Just supposing you did a blog, what would you like to tell us, what would you like to hear back? You don't have to bake a Showstopper gateau, just a bite-sized nibble.


A Moodscope member.

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