You Left Me Alone To Die!

13 May 2022

You left me alone to die


And Oh Lord did I cry?


You left me alone to die


But I did not die, I thrived!




I built myself a better life


That is wholesome, loyal and true


I did it myself and I am so proud


And I built it without you!




I am a great survivor


At least that much is true


How would you walk in my shoes?


What the hell would you do?



The void of your loss still pains me


I guess it always will


My thoughts and brain sometimes wander


I try to keep them still



Late at night when I am working


My music gets me through


Your songs come on the radio


It is then I think of you



I will always love you


Though I know you don’t love me


What does the future hold


 None of us can see



This is not a cry for help


And there are no reasons why


I will always miss you


Yet you left me alone to die!



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