Your life as a review

21 Jan 2022

If you wrote a review of your life, part of your life, or one moment of your life as a book or film or painting I wonder what it would be like.


Reviews often give away more about the reviewer than what they are reviewing. We all have personal traits, thoughts and preferences that affect our judgments.

Our life is often reviewed by family, by friends by a loved one and also by strangers.

What if we could write our own review, what would it be like?


My review of my life as a collage entitled:

A mess of contradictions, a life of difficulties.

This piece is the artists first attempt at a collage so I will take that into account. I know she has had a few attempts at writing, At first, I found this piece overwhelming with all its confused messages and too many different textures, words, messages and so much clutter. I am not sure what the creator was trying to convey, but it was well titled.

I could see and experience the mess, but the life of difficulties was confused with photos of happy times and sad times. There was so much going on in this collage my head ached at times. If this was someone’s life, I do feel sorry for the artist. Is it an  autobiographical work rather than art?

That is my attempt and I didn’t edit it. I was surprised at what I wrote as I was going to do a book!!


What would your review be like? Give it a go, no right or wrong way, can be funny or serious, long or short - whatever you want.


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