Your Turn At The T-Junction

29 Aug 2021

I’m meeting many folks at Emotional Crossroads. They are hurting and don’t know which way to turn. While they are hurting, they are often snappish! “Hurt people, hurt people.”

There is a way to get release at the T-Junctions in our lives. “Lex, are we talking about a T-Junction or a Crossroads?” I think it’s both. We can go on the way we’ve been going, as we may have been doing for days, weeks, months, or even years – not facing the issue. In that sense, it’s a Crossroads. But to break free we need to make it a T-Junction – where the only option is to turn one way or another.

Either we deal with the issue (and thus address the emotional baggage) or we let go of the emotional baggage and count the issue closed.

One method I use is to ask three simple questions. I’ve shared this before but it was so long ago, I think it’s worth revisiting in case your own heart is at the T-Junction.

To illustrate, pick up a pencil (or a pen!) and squeeze it. If you’re feeling daring, squeeze it until it would be uncomfortable to hold on to it for long.

My first question to you is, “Can you let this go?”

The answer is, “Yes!” You picked it up, you can put it down. But hold on to that pencil or pen a bit longer…

My second question is, “Would you let this go?”

In the case of a humble writing instrument, the answer is also, “Yes!” but when the pen or pencil is replaced by an emotional hurt, the answer is as often, “No!” as it is, “Yes!” Hold on to that pen or pencil for one last question.

My final question is, “When?”

If you’ve said, “Yes!” and then “Yes!” your third answer can be, “Now!” and you can release the object. Let the pen or pencil clatter to the tabletop or even the floor.

These three questions bring us to the T-Junction.

Think of something in your life today that’s got under your skin. Could you let that go? The answer is always, “Yes!” Know that you have the power to let it go if you so choose to do so. The T-Junction choice is your answer to, “Would you let that go?”

If the answer is, “Yes!” turn right and ask yourself, “When?” and if the answer is, “Now!” let it go!

If the answer is, “No!” turn left and ask yourself, “What action do I need to take next to face this hurt or discomfort?”

Often, it’s as quick as picking up the phone and having an honest conversation with someone else who is a part of the problem (and thus a part of the solution). Let’s be honest, this could go very, very wrong, but you will have changed, you will have moved, you will have taken a bold step towards freedom.


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[Note: If you’d like to learn more, the method is part of The Sedona Method.]

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