A watched kettle never boils

23 May 2019

At the young age of 9 I read an Idiom in a book wedged amongst many other dusty books in my Grandmothers spare room. It said 'A watched kettle never boils' and from such a young age I was able to understand what it meant, not taking it too literally of course.

I remember being so enlightened by it and felt proud of myself for understanding it without help that it has stuck with me. I genuinely applied to every day life. I translated it to time perception and that if I focused too much attention on one thing that time would go by slower, and of course if I distracted myself and didn't focus so much on it that time would go by faster. When times got tough I always knew not to dwell and be consumed by whatever was happening around me as time would pass quicker, and it always did get better.

A couple years ago I was truly tested mentally and emotionally. I endured something that I wouldn't wish on anyone and for the first time in my life I had spiralled into depression and I found it extremely difficult to focus on anything else and control my emotions. On top of that everything else in life I had been through came back to haunt me, all of a sudden I was upset about things I thought I had dealt with. I hadn't, I had just got on with life and let time pass. The idiom wasn't working for me anymore, and I felt helpless.

Through my partners advice I sought help and gradually I got better and spoke to someone about past experiences that were obviously bothering me and I learned that they all played important roles in my life now and helped me understand myself more. Time passed and I feel better but I also dealt with the problems rather than just letting them be so far in the past I forget about them. I now embrace everything I've been through and now I am stronger than ever!

What I'm trying to say is whatever you're going through, no matter how big or small, try not to focus all your attention on it, time will pass and you will feel better and be in a better situation but don't forget to deal with it. Talk to someone, help yourself get over it by seeking guidance from friends, family or professionals.

There are more people willing to help you than you realise. So will you accept yourself and the troubles you're facing so much so you get help? Will you accept time will pass and life will get better? Our thought of the day should be to look back at what you've been through and reflect on where you are now in comparison. If you don't feel there is a difference then pick up the phone and talk about it.


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