Are you outraged?

27 Jun 2018

Last year I replaced a few flags outside my shop that I have pegged to a line to attract customers. I also sell flags.

The old flags were fading so put 4 new flags out and about 60 minutes later I discovered that three of my flags had been stolen. They did not cost a huge amount, but it was annoying that they waited till the flags were new. Robbers have good taste and wouldn't want an old threadbare flag.

I was a bit annoyed and put on a local site about what had happened. I was surprised by how many people replied and were so outraged on my behalf.

At first, I thought they were being so considerate but then the emotions and the language got angrier. People who did not know me saying they wanted all sort of horrible things happen to these alleged robbers.

I thought I would bring some reality into the situation.

No one was hurt.

No one suffered financial ruin.

It was three flags, yes it was annoying, but to wish vile things to happen to people who took three flags was a bit over the top.

Facebook and Twitter get blamed now for people getting so outraged that others have lost their jobs, their family, been forced to leave their homes.

While social media can escalate feelings, people seem to get more upset about even minor things.

So, do you think social outrage is a good thing or is it out of control?


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