Be gentle with yourself

3 Feb 2019

Today we are publishing a beautiful poem with the overall message - be gentle with yourself when things aren't going too well. It was sent to Mary and she thought it would great if we could share it with other Moodscope members.

If the mountain seems too big today

then climb a hill instead

if the morning brings you sadness

it's ok to stay in bed

if the day ahead weighs heavy

and your plans feel like a curse

there's no shame in rearranging

don't make yourself feel worse

if a shower stings like needles

and a bath feels like you'll drown

if you haven't washed your hair for days

don't throw away your crown

a day is not a lifetime

a rest is not defeat

don't think of it as failure

just a quiet, kind retreat

it's ok to take a moment

from an anxious, fractured mind

the world will not stop turning

while you get realigned

the mountain will still be there

when you want to try again

you can climb it in your own time

just love yourself til then

The Moodscope team

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