1 Oct 2022

I noticed a little gnarly pale area on my toenail. I tried to trim it off. It returned so I asked the pharmacist about it and received a little bottle of treatment. The pale area slowly got bigger and bigger. The pharmacist said it could take a year to grow out. Gulp! A year later, I still had the pale area and the next toenail had the same thing. I frowned at the toes. It was time. I took these little toes to the chiropodist who did some toenail magic, then also whipped out a little corn (I HAD A CORN) and then gave me a little bottle of treatment. Two weeks later, I had two very happy toes! 


The purpose of me sharing my ugly toe story is that sometimes we need experts in their field. Sometimes we can have a go ourselves, sometimes we can take advice from others, and sometimes we need to commit ourselves to finding the right expert for the precise job. Much, much easier written than done I know. But if we start today, we have begun. And sometimes the significance of the start is what saves us. 


Feel free to share your ugly toe stories here. You heard mine; I can return the favour! 


Love from

The room above the garage

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