Breaking the rules!

14 May 2022

Once upon a time, four days in to a brand new job, I was put into a boardroom and visited, to be talked to, throughout the day by each member of senior management (including one woman).  I probably could have left the room but I was in my early twenties and very respectful of anybody older than me - I’d been put there, so there I stayed. 

I was taken out at lunchtime where I had lunch alone in the small canteen. I was aware of the canteen quietening as I entered. It was my fourth and last day in the job. I had dared to wear a trouser suit to work (which I had also worn to one of my two interviews). Apparently the women there, and in the related businesses, didn’t do that. I was sent home to “consider my next move”.

The phone call came on the Sunday evening and I think I was probably meant to pledge allegiance to the skirt forever. Instead, I told them that their behaviour was bizarre.  He didn’t like that word and had a little splutter. Being on a three month trial, I knew I’d never have a chance of a legal case, simply no proof. But I like to think that some of the whispering at lunch was other women wishing me well even if they didn’t approach me. And I like to think that their female lawyer was on my side when she gave me a cheque for 3 months salary and didn’t chase me up for the signed letter, which said I’d never discuss my ‘employment’ with them.  Appalling behaviour for 1996.

Anyway, today I’m talking about rules. We all have our own set of individual ‘rules’. And I’d encourage you to think about what you do, automatically, on a daily basis that follows a rule you have in place for yourself. Does it help or hinder? I’m wondering how many of us are on autopilot, doing things because we always have. And I’m wondering if they are keeping us on track or we are perhaps needing to burst the binding and hit the start button. Could it be you’re ready to start again? Your way.  

Let’s do Sunday our way.  

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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