Bridging our differences...

11 Apr 2020

In this last couple of weeks, where life as we know it seems to have disappeared for an unknown period of time we have seen both the very best and the very worst of people. Mostly the very best but the selfish side, born of fear, is certainly not pretty.


As challenging as the current situation is we are being offered an opportunity. We are being offered the opportunity to bridge our differences.

So much has divided us in the last years. You don't need me to point out the global events that have occurred over the last few years, all of which have driven huge wedges between different peoples of all kinds. Opposing 'sides' and groups considering their opposites to be hateful, stupid, or racist.

But we are all in this together now and actively seeing the good in others can really help to bridge those differences that had become magnified.

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt talks about 'moral elevation' which, in plain English, is "the warm, uplifting feeling that people experience when they see unexpected acts of human goodness, kindness, courage, or compassion."

When we witness acts of goodness, we're more likely to see our common humanity.

Stories of forgiveness, brave action, real help in times of need can fill us with inspiration, with hope and an appreciation for all that's the very best in humankind.

This focus doesn't just make you feel good, it actually encourages more compassion and generosity. In this way barriers between people really can be broken down.

Stories of goodness have the capacity to touch us all, filling us with hope for humanity and the sense that we can do better.

In these days... we are offered the opportunity to do better. So much better. So let's do that.


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