Brows are down but chin is up

7 Nov 2021

Recently, Alex wrote a very helpful blog on something that has also been bothering me for a while. Anxiety. Like many of us, I have weathered grinding cogs of depression, as it has shadowed most of my adult life. However, as I managed to wrestle it into a more subdued version of itself, and popped it on a stool to sit in the corner, anxiety crept in the back.

I never used to score anything on the ‘jittery’ card but now it’s there, and eczema has flared up on my face, head and body as a special sideline.  

I’ve been using the walls of my house as a sanctuary when I know that there is something a touch more more ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ about it. As always, recognising the truths around our mental health is a huge factor in squashing whatever is causing the hurt.  

I’m not sure why there would appear to have been a trade off by depression with anxiety.  And I’m curious to know if this is frequently experienced among us. Do many of us find one lessening and the other appearing?

I have been staying in to anchor myself. But today I started pavement thumping again and it’s my intention to see if I can outrun this most horrible of things. For all who know the haunted feeling it brings, I’m walking beside you.  

Love from

The room above the garage 

A Moodscope member.

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