Christmas Conundrums

26 Dec 2021

My offspring are in their late twenties and early thirties, they no longer live at home and haven’t done for at least 5 years..  and yet my mum/mum in law still hand gifts to me to pass on, I have asked for the last few years for them to keep them at their own homes and they can give them out when they get a visit.  Mum complied and understood, mum in law... ignored the request and put them under my tree, last year me and hubs had covid so they stayed there until mid February.  I felt like this was an extra job for me to do/ a burden especially when I was so ill. 

My brother in law has 2 teenage sons, lives a distance, we rarely see them (we weren’t made welcome on previous visits so we stopped) , this year I spoke to brother in law and suggested I transfer money into their sons accounts, this idea was received well, and then he said put it in his account and he would get the cash out and give it to the boys. I transferred the cash on 21 December, heard nothing, so contacted to check it was received, I got a reply to say the boys say thanks. I would have liked a text perhaps over the holidays from the boys. 

I have decided not to get cross about either situation, it would appear these family members will do what they want, so, if I have gifts under my tree, I will pass on at my convenience, if I don’t get a thanks for birthday cash transfers, well that says more about the recipients gratitude than any words could.  As someone once sang in a punk song in the 70s ... If you don’t like my haircut, you can suck my socks.  That’s my current vibe, I am giving no one and nothing the chance to bring me down


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