Difficult times

31 Jan 2020

I know many people go through difficult times in their lives.

This is how I feel 21 days after my difficult times.

In 21 days, I have learnt my life will never be the same and I may never accept this.

In 21 days, I wonder who I am now without my shop that gave me purpose and routine.

In 21 days, I worry more about how I may upset people.

In 21 days, I have now divided my life into before the fires and after the fires.

In 21 days, I have learnt more sad things can happen in my life.

In 21 days, I forget names, I am afraid my memory is worse, I am confused and often vague.

In 21 days, I find shopping centres overwhelming and the plethora of items to be verging on the obscene.

In 21 days I am surrounded by a quilt of comfort and support.

In 21 days, I have not recovered, I am not better, I am not often ok, so please don't ask me if I am.

In 21 days, I like to get lost in the laughter and chaos of a toddlers delight in dancing with scarves.

So what has helped or hindered you on your journey during hard times.


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