Do or do not.

23 Nov 2013

"Do or do not...there is no try." Yoda - The Empire Strikes Back.

I just love when great films offer real human truths, in a way that is often less threatening than a friend or parent's advice.

There are so many - Good Will Hunting (Emotion over Intelligence)/Dead Poets Society (real education - over schooling)/Patch Adams (an alternative to the US's financially 2 tier driven healthcare system) and yes, I am a Robin Williams fan.

The Star Wars trilogy offered many great human wisdoms - especially through the small diminutive Yoda. A small fragile creature, in amongst all these huge war machines and deathly weapons where he would seem to have no influence at all.

Instead, due to his wisdom, rather than his cleverness he plays a crucial role in enabling Luke Skywalker to 'see' things differently - to become far more 'self- aware' (the start of all personal, family or organisational learning) and that shift of his self- awareness opens new doors and new opportunities to alter the old world view.

There is no truer statement than the above quote.

As soon as you use the word 'try' in any sentence, you have already subconsciously said 'NO'.

Someone asks you to a party and you reply "I'll try and make it". Do you go? My money is 100% on no - and what's worse you know that and just don't want to 'upset' your friend by telling them the truth!

I would respect my friends FAR more if they told me the truth e.g. "Les, I would like to come but I already have another commitment that night." or 'Honestly I'm not up to it at the moment.' My trust in that friend would also increase due to their commitment to follow through on what they promised someone else.

My trust in them will actually be diminished by them saying "I'll try" and then not turning up!

Obliterate the word 'try' from your vocabulary.

If depressed, are you going to 'try' and get better - or are you REALLY aiming to get better?

Ahh - the power of words... ;-)

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