Easter Eggs 

16 Apr 2022

There is a photo of little me at the park we only ever went to each Easter Sunday. That park is on the other side of town, immaculately kept, and very popular at Easter due to it lying on a hill (a phenomenal egg rolling hill). The photo is me running desperately after my Easter egg. Once, I could bring back the feeling that accompanied it, I could re-feel the fear - but now I remember the photo and I only remember being scared. The fear that that egg was gone from me forever propelled me down that hill! I can laugh now. 


I also remember cardboard egg halves. Do you? Beautiful pictures on the outside and sometimes somebody would have popped a hanky inside. A hanky did not match up with what a chocolate induced five-year-old had in mind!  But still they were beautiful. 


Nowadays, Easter has a new beginning feel for me. The start of a year somehow. Perhaps this weekend we can step aside, choose not to re-feel the fear, and choose to start afresh. 


Easter greetings Moodscopers! 


Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member. 

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