Farmer Barleymow

15 Dec 2019

I overheard a farmer talking. Asked what he wished he'd been told right at the start he replied "Never run after the runaway lamb. It will return once it realises its going the wrong way." My thought patterns work at speed and, after I'd run through a couple of cartoon versions in my head of how he'd come to this, I had a wee laugh and realised it was appropriate to my journey with depression.

The fastest and most productive parts of journeying through, for me, have been when I have witnessed my depression and acknowledged it, and then calmly pushed through in the times when I've not been held hostage. In other words, when parts of me have felt like the runaway lamb, I've relied on other parts of me to hold. However basic you may think they are, the daily shuffle up the path, the daily look to the horizon, the daily shower, the daily fresh shirt, the daily eggs and tea, they are stalwarts in being your calm reassurance and guide.

Don't fear the score. Use it as binoculars to see where the lamb is. Then together we'll carry on.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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