Fifteen minutes

Self care
14 May 2023

I read a great suggestion this week. It struck a chord for me and I’d like to share it in case it might help you too.

The article said that we’d all benefit from taking (at least) 15 minutes a day for ourselves. And that, for some, 15 minutes might be a big ask. It is for me, I still can’t always be sure I’ll get to visit the littlest room without interruption!  

Anyway, toilet humour aside, the next part is the important part. The article said, “Does taking 15 minutes feel too much? Then how about 15 lots of one minute?”

That is it for me. Fifteen little stops is completely doable. Just to settle the eyes on a peaceful horizon, breathe in and say “you’re fine, you’re doing fine, it’s all fine”, take a little internal smile to self and carry on with whatever is happening outwardly. That is doable.

Fifteen minutes?

Fifteen one minutes?

Both are valuable.  Like yourself.

The Room Above the Garage

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