Good enough to bottle.

16 Sep 2016

I was mentioning to a friend that some days there are only about 5 minutes in the evening when I feel ok, when I feel confident that I can do things. She mentioned (thanks Jul) that wouldn't it be good if that feeling could be bottled.

I have often thought that if I could bottle the feeling I had when high - not manic - before it gets out of control it would be great to harness that delightfully confident feeling.

If only I could market that feeling. People who have been on drugs describe a similar euphoric feeling.

I like the idea of pouring that feeling I have some evenings into a bottle so I can save it for times when I need it. I would only have to use a tiny bit at a time, maybe dab it on my wrists or even smell it.

Maybe not limit it to that five minutes on a low day but what about when there are many positive and confident feelings that we could preserve for another day. Some days I feel I am connecting and relating well to others and I would like to store that feeling.

Sometimes I remember things well and have good ideas. If I could save that feeling for times when I am forgetful, it would be helpful.

Are there feelings you would like to bottle and save for another day?

Do you have a way of recalling confident emotions when you are low?


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