How do we lead?

4 Dec 2014

This week I am struggling.

I talked of my robbery in Spain last week and I thought I'd get through, but already I am lying in and my thinking has altered.

As always, people say rational things like 'you know more than anyone else that exercise will help', or 'get outside and walk' or 'focus on one thing at a time'.

I struggle...

So, I am going to write something for Moodscope to focus on doing something for others and thus move my mind to something positive, something that shows that being vulnerable can be a real leadership role.

Managers maintain the status quo. Leaders spark and sustain change and both are needed, yet to advance and deal with change, leaders are a pre-requisite.

I often view the leader as the initial 'snowball'.

The initial snowball is the one that goes first, the one who is willing to be vulnerable – to show their authentic feelings first with their colleagues, family or subordinates. They then 'collect' and attract more snow...

It is this vulnerability that enables, inspires even, others to offer their true selves. It is also such vulnerability that inspires others to trust and it is after all this trusting of the leader that creates the all-important person/employee/family engagement.

In many ways the leader only becomes a leader when they are followed (gathering more snow). It is the followers that create the leader, which is why leadership is never about power or control as is so often talked about in the media.

Leadership is about serving others and creating a world to which others wish to belong.

Think about Mandela, Gandhi, M-L King and consider who are your 'leaders'. Who would you follow. Who would you trust?

Can you name them now?

Moodscope is a 'leader' through serving and enabling people to serve themselves and others through the blogs. Showing a vulnerability which is perceived as courageous by readers can even motivate them to feel understood and thus crucially 'not alone'.

I feel very alone today. I have not been outside yet due to my sense of community with Moodscope... I can connect and feel part of something.

Can some of you that remain anonymous offer your thoughts? Can you offer a name or even a nickname to enable a further sense of community?

Can you even say to the 'leader' that came to mind above how much they inspired you - as they too will have their struggles?

How can you improve your sense of connection? What courageous act can you perform today to connect, to lead, enabling someone else to show their vulnerability and authenticity and sharing more deeply?


A Moosdcope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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