How much is too much?

5 Oct 2016

I like having limits.

I like having measuring cups so it takes the guess work out of cooking.

When my washing machine is full of clothes I know I can't put in anymore.

These may seem very simple things but they help me to know when enough is enough.

My problem that I have struggled with for years is of not knowing when I have done too much, taken on too much, until I am lying in an exhausted heap like a huge load of dirty washing strewn on the floor!

I wish that I had an emotional/energy/measuring cup that would let me know when my cup is full.

My strategy is I do the absolute minimum as I am afraid if I take on anything other than the absolute necessity I will become very tired and then ill.

This works for a while but I like helping others, I like joining groups, I like learning new skills, so before I know it, I have over committed myself and feel overwhelmed or exhausted or both.

When I don't get involved in my community, don't join groups or don't help friends and family I feel guilty and isolated.

I think my measuring jug would have to be personalised. We all know of people who have a mental illness and still manage to do so many things and not get sick.

I suppose knowing what we can cope with as individuals and work within those parameters.

So how do you know before you have done too much?

What are the signs you look for so you don't do too much?

How do you know when enough is enough?


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