I Had A Dream

12 Sep 2021

Strange things are happening…

I’m beginning to have ‘useful’ dreams – instructional ones. I’ve just had one about a most excellent friend who runs a Wine and Gin business! If Gemma were like a wine she would be sparkling, effervescent, and sophisticated. By this, I mean that her knowledge and breadth of experience is ‘sophisticated’, her character is ‘sparkling’, and her personality is ‘effervescent’.

This ‘useful’ content came after a weird portion of the dream where I was struggling to find three wines that go together. For example, “Wines for Summer.”

I am also thinking about going back into radio (as a volunteer) and was dreaming about having the stage name, “Apollos,” thus matching my new role as a ‘Mission Enabler’. It is said of the end of time that young men will see visions and old mean will dream dreams, though I’m not sure giving the amazing Gemma a wonderful LinkedIn recommendation is on the Divine Agenda! Nevertheless, I’m certain we can all agree I fit in the ‘old men’ category.

Why am I sharing this? I believe your unconscious mind and mine too need space and a place to express their thoughts, insights, and emotions. Our beautifully complex minds are forever at work but it is difficult in a busy modern life to hear the musings of the soul. We need undisturbed peace to let the gems percolate up from the depths.

Not everyone finds it easy to remember dreams. For example, I can only usually remember them if I am woken up in the midst of ‘processing’ the thoughts. In this state, I have written books, songs, and now, LinkedIn recommendations… but most of these are lost.

What visions and dreams, insights and ‘Aha!’ moments have come to you in a state of reverie?

How could you have more insights from the unconscious?

One of my all-time favourite stories is how the ‘Benzene Ring’ – the key to Organic Chemistry – was discovered. Friedrich August Kekulé, the famous chemist, was seeking to understand the mysterious behaviour of Carbon in Benzene (and thus all aromatic compounds). The version I learned was that he was dozing in front of the fire when he saw a snake biting its own tail in a ring. This is an Ancient Symbol called, “Ouroboros.” The ring shape was enough of a catalyst for his logical mind to then work out the theory.

May we all have useful dreams and stimulating visions!


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