I wish I had never…

14 Oct 2021

I know Edith Piaf sang ‘Je ne regrette rien’, and many people want this song at their funeral.

Why do some of us find it so hard to stop having regrets, to stop wishing we had never done something.

Is there a trick or a plan to help us work through a bad decision without wishing we had never made it?

Can you really learn from your mistakes.?


I thought I do have some regrets or what I call my, I wish I had Nevers.


They can be light-hearted things:

I wish I had ever worn pink hot pants that were too tight for my footballer thigh legs at 14.

I wish I had never coloured my hair orange, by mistake, and looked like a clown for weeks till my brother told me.

I wish I had never been forced to take ballet classes - as my brothers said I was less graceful than a hippo!!


Life choices:

I wish I had never wasted my money in my 20s.

I wish I had never stopped practising the piano.

I wish I had never moved away from the big city.


So have a think, be serious be funny, complete the sentence I wish I had never… Write the first few things you think of. Write one line, a few, or many. See what happens!!

So, is wishing you never did something the same as having a regret? You may want to share how you don’t regret something you wished you had never done.


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