In the moment

18 Aug 2022

I am sitting at my computer staring at the blank screen. I am feeling tired and have a list of possible blog topics and only a little time in which to write. I have a thousand thoughts in my head as I look at a possible subject then reject it.

People say we should be in the moment, stop worrying about the past, the future, what may or may not happen and just focus.

I focus on the blank screen as my mind becomes blanker by the minute. I look at the keyboard with shiny silver keys and all the capital letters displayed. The more I stare at the letters I wonder how so many words can be made with just twenty-six letters. I am so in awe of theses amazing letters.

Then I stopped focussing and realised I needed to write my blog.

Much has been written about being in the moment but what does it mean to you? Would you share a moment now by leaving your device and just be in the moment and then write about what you noticed, how did you feel? Was it hard or easy?

Or maybe you could share a recent example of being in the moment. Moodscopers come from a variety of backgrounds and live different lives so an insight into how a Moodscoper experiences being in the moment would help me.


Maybe you are someone like me who finds it hard to be in the moment or do you decide it does not help you at all?


A Moodscope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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