Joy from Learning

25 Aug 2019

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I love the fact that learning something new can change your life for good, forever. It doesn't even have to take long. Twice in two days I've learned something valuable and life-enhancing in less than two minutes! Whilst 'joy' might be too strong a word for it, it has certainly brought me pleasure and has improved my future.

One was a cooking tip from my friend, Penny. She simply dusts her chicken in flour (no egg, no water – only a bit of salt and pepper) before frying. This locks in the moisture and the flavour. I'm a convert! It tastes so much better! Try it if you haven't already!

The other was a bit more technical, nevertheless it only took a one-minute, twenty-four second video on YouTube to show me how to do something with my photographic software that I've been wanting to learn for ages. Interestingly, the video has been on YouTube for years, but I wasn't looking for the answer diligently enough! Now there's another blog!

Even in the most horrible of times, learning something new can bring us anything from the pleasure of momentary relief right through to full on joy! For this reason, I'd ask you to share in the comments one very quick and easy-to-learn tip that has enhanced your life. It might be cooking, exercising, an attitude, or an activity. Feel free to add links if it's something you too have discovered via YouTube or other sites.

Learning how to be mentally healthy is far more complicated than photographic software or dusting chicken in flour, however there are some quick lessons that pay dividends ever more – and I'd love to know any of those that you have. The number one mental-wellbeing tip for me is 'Gratitude'. Learning to say, "Thank You!" out loud even for the tiniest of 'blessings' constantly recalibrates my attitude in a positive direction.

What are your joyous 'learns' in life? We're listening...


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