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6 Nov 2018

I love postcards, especially old postcards, the beautiful pictures, the short space where well chosen words describe a special moment, a moment in time.

There is something so wonderful about holding a vintage postcard in ones hand and feeling around the lovely edge and reading the old fashioned writing by an inky pen. The words take me back, sometimes a 100 years, to someone telling about a holiday or just describing what is happening at home.

I like the idea of a postcard as it describes so succinctly a time, a small picture, and a few words that captures a feeling.

I was hoping you would share a postcard moment with me. It maybe from a real postcard that was sent to you or even you sent, and you can share the words and or describe the picture. Evoke a feeling we can all share.

Or you can make up a postcard, it could be from your kitchen or your garden or your imagination or anything that inspires you.

You can just write a few words - it could be what is happening right now in your life or share a memory from your past.

It could be something fun or a serious postcard.

The writing on the card in the phototgraph is as below:


Very pleased to hear from you.

I thought you had forgotten all about me,

which I had not about you and never will.

Wish you were back in Seymour.

There is more that I could type out if people can't read it.

Why had the writer thought she was forgotten? These words have so many questions.

I would like to receive your postcard moments.

Have a go and send me a moment in time.


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