KISS and Make-Up.

26 Jun 2016

This is not going to be about what you may be thinking! Forgiveness and reconciliation are gorgeous achievements in life, but today's message is about you and what goes on between your ears!

As I grow older (and, frankly, way more cynical) I realise that most of the rules we live by are made up. Gravity is real, and represents a law, rule and principle that we do well to respect, but most other things are made up by our culture. Somehow Life has bolted the 'gift' of consciousness onto an existing monkey and lizard brain, and we thus do our best to make sense of it all. But we don't always get it right. Some of our made up rules keep our inner monkey and lizard happy and safe and maybe they need a shake-up.

I would like to stir up the Revolutionary in you today. I believe you are highly likely to have bought into some rules that no longer serve your best interest. For example, I have a 'rule' that I should be at my damn computer by 9 am to work for a client I don't enjoy working for. I write this blog on a Tuesday, which we call "Choose-day" in this house. So today I have chosen to put my writing first in the chance that it just might help someone (other than me – it always helps me!) Today, I have broken the rules.

Of course, I will pay a penalty for breaking the rules – after all, I can't charge the client for time I don't invest, but there is also a reward for breaking the rules – I get to make my art.

Here's the challenge: if most of the rules are made up, make up your own! Rules like the 10 Commandments are very sensible rules – I wouldn't change those – but I would challenge the little rules we make up or accept that tell what we should and ought to be doing with our time. Time freedom is one of the greatest liberties on Earth.

Today, I would ask you to give yourself permission to do something you wouldn't usually allow yourself the luxury of indulging in. Break and old rule and make up a new one. And use the KISS principle – "Keep It Short (and) Simple" because all of us could benefit from having a simpler life with less restrictive rules.

So there you have it: KISS and Make-Up. (Off to put on my mascara.)


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