Life in True Colours

28 Jan 2019

This is a blog about you. It's about you being true to yourself – to your true colours. It's not really about individualism – more about letting your natural personality shine through. If you know the song, "True Colours," you'll know that they are beautiful when they show.

By the time you read this, I will have had another birthday. My colour period is what I call, "The Age of Beige!" What I aspire to, however, is, "The Period of Purple!" This is out of respect to Wendy Joseph's poem entitled, "Warning!" []

The first line is, "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple," and has other lines that include, "And learn to spit." I'm not so keen on the spitting, but the poem is a call to bold action. It is about growing older not disgracefully or outrageously but courageously.

Whatever our age, we are all getting older, and too often we can conform to what we think we are supposed to wear, constrain our behaviour to what we believe we are expected to behave, and even believe what we're told to believe. I would like to challenge and change this... just a little bit.

My question to all of us is to do with permission. If we were to allow ourselves permission to do or be or believe something now that we currently deny ourselves, what would it be?

I wonder if you would share? What are your true colours that are currently hidden or denied to you? Personally, I know I've toned down my own outrageous humour just to keep some key people in my life happier. My Tigger-like bounce has lost its pounce! I realise this is not being true to myself. I would therefore give myself more permission to 'play' and to be silly. I also love a cowboy jacket with tassels! Oh, and I'd love to be brutally honest with some people! (I've always been such a chicken when it comes to uncomfortable conversations and potential conflict!)

Over to you – let's share – they tell me it's good for the soul.


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