Little Boxes.

27 Feb 2016

Pete Seeger sang about Little Boxes. A funny wee tune. Makes me smile every time!

For those of us who give out, and forget to look after ourselves before anything else, it is something I would like to encourage you to think about.

I know someone who works in boxes, he compartmentalises. When juggling things, he neatly gives each thing a portion of time, allows each thing its allotted time, and when that time is up, he moves on. Without regret, without stretching the time. He is disciplined. It's not always helpful to me (!) but it is his way of achieving and something I can learn from. We who struggle with our mood are often the type of people who care a little too much and we go into the red. (Lex wrote The A-Z Guide to Life, Letter 'E'... this is another way of seeing that very thing. I hope this is a compliment and not cannibalising!)

Can you compartmentalise within your day or your week, giving everything a box? Think of a line of different size boxes with the words of what takes your time on the front. Can you even just be aware of needing to? Give each thing its time, the good and the dodgy. You can look at it as the box filling as you spend time on that thing or emptying as you spend the time. Either way, when it is full or when it is empty, you need to stop.

Let's build with boxes. And... I'm glad we have this thing which links our lives together. Because it means, unlike the song, we are not all the same. I like that. Here is the song:

Love from

The room above the garage

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