Messages that save me.

26 Sep 2018

About four years ago I opened up to friends and family and started to talk freely about my own struggles with my mental health. And yes, I've lost a few friends who couldn't hack it but those who have stayed with me have been wonderful.

If you write for mental health blogs and sites, you know how valuable sharing is. There are many, many people out there who can't speak out yet but hearing another voice saying they feel the same might just save them on that one lonely night.

So, here are some of the messages that save me, they are from friends and family...

"You fit more than you can imagine and do the right thing more than you can imagine."

"These thoughts and feelings will lift at some point and you are doing all the things to keep yourself safe while you wait for the time to pass and these feelings to change sit tight lovely and keep yourself safe."

"You are definitely heading in the right direction x x"

"How are you?? xxxxxx"

"There's no timing requirement for being better so try not to be too hard on yourself if it isn't happening as quickly as you'd hoped."

"I know there is nothing I can say to make you change your mind about yourself, that's something only you can do, but yes it is tough and so don't be hard on yourself on the bad days and enjoy the good days."

"My life would be a hell of a lot emptier without you in it, so you need to be here every day for me even if you don't feel you deserve to be. Love you buddy, be kind to yourself and shout if you need me."

"Love you whether your happy L or sad L, and still want to see you."

"I hope you feel a bit more upbeat today."

"I know a lot of people and amongst the a-holes some really good ones. But you top the pile as a great human being. You're an amazing mum (you really are!) and amazing at so many things, many that touch other peoples lives and make them better... just pause and remember this. It's true and it matters."

There are others and some words people have said that stick in my mind and will do forever.

Be kind to people, you never really know what others are going through until they open up to you.


A Moodscope member.

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