My body and mind conversation

15 Apr 2022

Good Morning.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the new Mind I was building. You may be wondering how it is progressing. To give you some idea I have written below a copy of a recent conversation between my Mind(M) and my Body(B).


M:    Good morning B, I am awake, it’s 7.30.

B:     Good morning M, how are you?

M:    Feeling a bit low and a little anxious. How about you?

B:     Lethargic, and my leg muscles are aching.

M:    I think you need some fresh air.

B:     Not walking in the cold again!

M:    Yes, and it’s good for both of us. Just put one foot in front of the other.

B:     I know, but my body parts are getting older.

M:    Yes, but you know it’s good for my mental health.

B:     Okay but don’t forget my drink of water. I am dehydrated first thing in the morning.

M:    What route shall we take today?

B:     I don’t care as long as it is not more than 30 minutes. 

M:    Stop moaning. I need to see all the daffodils by the stream.

B:     Why?

M:    Because I can practice my Mindfulness. I can lose myself in their colour and form.

B:     Will that help with your anxiety feeling?

M:    Yes, it should do.

B:     Good, that should reduce the aching feeling in the pit of my stomach.

M:    I was thinking of also walking along the canal towpath.

B:     I hope it isn’t muddy because it rained last night.

M:    What difference does that make?

B:     12 months ago I broke my right fibula after slipping in the mud on the towpath.

M:     Don’t worry I will take care of our path.

B:      I am glad we are home, I’m tired and my head aches.

M:     Do you want a couple of paracetamol?

B:      No, it might pass when we start doing something else.

B:     I suppose you want to look at the Moodscope blog now.

M:    Yes, I know it’s a daily ritual, but I need to make contact with my friends.

B:    Why do you call them your friends?

M:    Because a lot of them have similar minds to mine.

B:     Do they also have similar bodies?

M:    I don’t think so, but I have never seen them!

B:    Mind, we haven’t argued much today, do you think we are getting better?

M:   Yes, I think we will be okay. On one condition.

B:    What’s that?

M:   We must continue to tell each other how we feel. Then we can help each other.

B:     Sometimes you make sense Mind and I love you.

M:    I love you too, even though sometimes you are a



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