30 May 2016

You are amazing.

Granted you might not feel it. Yet right now thousands of incredible internal processes are occurring so that you can be here. Such as those allowing you to read even this simple sentence. Wow. Remember not everyone has YOUR abilities.

I got up for work recently. Tired (from being up with my sons that night). Unenthusiastic. Full of a cold. My husband paid me a compliment: "You look good today". I replied that "I might look good, but I feel like sh@x!". A simple thanks or a smile would have sufficed! My words didn't help my mood. Or possibly his?

But, after dozing on the train, I had a good day. A phone call and a meeting I'd been dreading both went reasonably well. My boss, who commented I looked nice (I said thanks!) gave positive comments about my work. And although I'd accidentally pre-bought wrong train tickets, station staff gave me the benefit of the doubt. Twice! At home-time, when I told a colleague it was good to see them, I genuinely meant it.

It's 17 months now since my pregnancy-related psychosis. I'm often still consumed by feelings of self-doubt. But I know how lucky I am. Thankyou Moodscope for being part of my help as I continue this journey.

How do you receive compliments? What praise or thanks do you give to others or yourself? What good thing/s might just come from today if you kept open to the possibilities?


A Moodscope member

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