Physically Fit, Mentally Ill.

5 Jan 2014

It was my Mum's birthday in 2010 when I finally had the diagnosis confirmed. Leading up to this, I'd spent 8 years in what is well known as the 'Rat Race'. The journey saw me meet many truly inspirational folk, along with those whose chaotic scatty ways have at times, well, rubbed off on myself.

As I approach my 34th birthday and with my ever growing scatty behaviour, I look at my journey since this significant day and reflect on many areas of my life.

My burdening debt, which I have all but a few payments away, cleared. My faltering career, in which I have realised that happiness has more value than money so decided to go back to where it all began as a fitness instructor. Of course, medication, family and friends have played a crucial part along the way. But the most important aspect of the journey to date is to understand who I am.

So many people get caught up in the rat race. Others have a habit of following the leader, following those who they think are their friends, who are actually not.

But clearly, an important aspect of mental health is being happy in your own skin. Accepting your flaws and appreciating your gifts.

If you do this, everything else seems to click in to place.

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