17 Oct 2018

I have often thought how easy it would be to switch off from others needs at times.

I am a carer for my partner with middle stage Alzheimer's, a dad to a newly qualified teacher setting out in her career and I work part time, look after the family spaniel etc...

You get the drift...

Always aware of others needs and wants sometimes wears me down, I am human and get tired and irritable.

Part of my nature is to be in tune to those close by, to receive their mood and act appropriately around it.

If I could only transmit and switch off from receiving for a spell...

Or getting a balance between receiving and sending would surely be better?

Would that change me as a person?

Having empathy is to me a part of being human and looking after those in need close by is instinctual and so rewarding.

I go to work to switch off from my home work, then sometimes wake up in the night in a swirl of thoughts of things to do, what ifs etc... trying to manage all aspects of life, then in clear moments I realise that whatever happens in the future is mainly out of my control and I can only prepare as best as I can.

These five words mean so much:

One day at a time.

Now if I could transmit my brain activity into physical exercise I would surely be at my target weight too.

What do you wish for?

Have you prepared for life's inevitable outcomes?

Then all that can be done is to enjoy the moment and savour special time together.


A Moodscope member.

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