14 Jan 2021

A few people congratulated me on my retirement and I was totally mystified. I didn’t know what there was to congratulate me about this event. I discussed it with my daughter. She helped me to see the issue from a different perspective.

For three months I was in a liminal stage as I was only working one day a week for about one hour. I had been mentally preparing myself for this event, my retirement.

I wanted something to look forward to after I retired. I have found that my life has developed a distinct and different pattern. A friend stated that the two Lockdowns have enabled me to smoothly glide into retirement as I have been working from home using Teams while still supporting my students and to make contact with various people in the workplace. Also, I haven’t lost connection with some of my former colleagues.

I have enrolled on creative writing sessions and am thoroughly enjoying them. I have participated and completed an open learning course with the Open University. I have found time ’flying on wings like a dove.’ No sooner has the week begun, it is into the weekend. That has been slightly disconcerting. I have frequently said that ”time goes quickly when we are having fun” or are gainfully employed in un-stressful activity. It isn’t the same as being unemployed, there isn’t the stigma attached to the new stage in my life.

I need to develop new rituals and routines which are a necessary framework to my day. I realise that there is nothing to be worried about retirement.

Orange Blossom

A Moodscope member.

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