T-shirt rolling.

17 Aug 2014

One of the sites I follow allows people to pose (relatively) intelligent questions and then experts give answers.

One of the questions that was posted by a young man was "What can I learn to do in 10 minutes that will change my life?"

There was lots of answers as you can imagine but the one I liked best was "When you put your t-shirts away roll them, don't fold them. This way they will fit in the drawer better, you can identify them quicker and they don't get so creased"

It was a simple thing but I thought how clever, and so this morning I cleared all my t-shirts off the shelf in my wardrobe where I keep them and rolled them all up. By doing so I learnt a few more things...

1. That I have found a mysterious odd sock in with them...

2. That I seem to be missing one of my favourite winter shirts (I know I have not worn it for a while so it can't be in the wash)


3. When they are rolled up they seem to take up half the space they did before.

My father says that "You learn something new every day", I think this should be "That you should try to learn something new every day." We should never stop growing up and even if all you can manage is to go on Google Maps and 'virtually' explore a part of the world you have never visited, try and learn something today.

Oh, and I can strongly recommend rolling your t-shirts!!


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