Talking to the child within.

2 Jul 2013

It was a curious and touching moment last week when my mum discovered an old cassette tape recording of me reciting poetry at the tender age of six. I read several humorous poems with confidence, poise and gusto. I really acted the part.

What was truly fascinating for me was that the little girl I was hearing isn't the woman I am now. In the years that ensued I lost all confidence and started to peep out at life from under the proverbial comfort blanket. (I have my suspicions about when things started to change and it was long before high school even.)

I've been engaged in some kind of inner dialogue with that six year old little girl since listening to those precious tapes. What would I say to her if I could? How would I reassure her? What did I love about that child? What words would have planted the seeds of inner-worth and security?

In her deeply cathartic book, The Artists Way, Julia Cameron encourages us to re-acquaint with the child within. Often, we've abandoned that child so many times in our adult life that it can be painful and sad to condescend enough to listen, and to hear, what that child inside us is saying.

By granting a gentle nod of acceptance to the loves, dislikes, sadness and insecurities of that inner child however, we take a powerful step towards understanding the enigma we may have become.

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