The bubble.

20 Apr 2014

What do we mean by being part of the outside world?

Some days I don't see or experience it at all. It's not that I don't leave the house, usually I manage that if only briefly. It's just that I don't feel part of it. I move around as if floating, feeling unreal and invisible.

I exist in my own bubble as we all do sometimes, thinking our own thoughts, carrying out our own tasks and getting through the day. On a bad day that's all there is to it; get through the day, get my head down at the end of it and hope that tomorrow will be better, especially when it feels like today will never end.

A good day on the other hand is like a wonderful, illustrated manuscript. Full of colour, surprise, adventure and most of all promise. Promise of what might be, what might happen, where my life and my imagination might take me.

Often a good day starts with the weather. If it's bright and the sun is peeping through the curtains then it's much more likely to be a positive day. Conversely if the sky is grey and the day is dark and damp I suspect like many I'm loath to drag myself from my bed.

As often happens though, once forging ahead with the day, the routine tasks and actions take over and the day gets going. Getting out of your safe, controlled environment and into the real world often bursts your bubble. I know that means things can go either way but give it a chance on a bad day and the world might just surprise you. If not, at least the weather might have cleared up by tomorrow and the chance of a good day is higher from the outset.


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