The great balancing act

20 Aug 2021

No, I have not joined the circus ( although I wish I could clown around more ). However, I am intrigued by the word “balance”. The fact that I am a Libran star sign with the scales may be just coincidence.

This year I have been involved in both physical and mental balance. The former became important when I fell over and fractured my fibula bone in my right leg. One of the best exercises during physiotherapy was standing on the broken leg for up to 30 seconds. Balancing on one leg is not easy if you have not tried it before. More on the physical benefits can be found on BBC Sounds where Dr Michael Mosley has produced a series of talks under the heading of “ Just One Thing”.

In a psychological sense the word “balance” is less easily defined. It is used regularly in general conversation and on the Moodscope blog. I think of a “balanced mind” as giving an accurate, fair or equal coverage of all aspects. This is great in theory but as we all know it is not always easy to achieve.

Striking the right balance can help you lead a happier and more contented life. And we need to seek a balance in many aspects of our lives. For example, the balance between solitude and sociability. These are a pair of words that are almost opposites but most people need them both. The proportions for each person vary. If you are more inclined to be introverted you will probably need more time alone. Getting the right balance will improve your mood but an imbalanced life feels like a constant battle.

Another pair of words that require careful balancing are Selfish/Unselfish. These have been mentioned a few times on the Moodscope blog. To care for yourself and others requires a careful balance. We are social animals and our natural instincts are to help others wherever possible. Where this becomes a regular routine it needs to be managed so that we leave sufficient time to look after ourselves. Obviously if we neglect ourselves we become less capable of helping others. So the balance between self and others is important.

I think it is worth some time considering the balance in your life. No doubt you have responsibilities and necessities that take up a certain proportion of your life but the remaining time is yours to decide how to use. If your mental health is poor this time can be used to invest in self care. Maybe take some physical or mental exercise, a rest (even a nap!) or spoil yourself in some other way. Whatever you decide please do not feel guilty--this time is just for you. You need to keep yourself in the best mental and physical state possible.

In a permanent relationship where 2 people live together you have a 3 way balance. There are the needs of the 2 individuals and the needs of the relationship itself. Second thoughts, this subject is complex and can wait for another day, another post! I’m not sure my mental health can cope at the moment.

On balance, do you need to make any adjustments to your life?


A Moodscope member.

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