The Groatie Buckies 

24 Oct 2020

Another little gem popped up on my social media feed this week. A lady I do not know, who lives in a far-flung corner of Scotland, has made an little unintentional collection of beach walk groatie buckies. These are tiny shells which arrive on the beach beside her as the autumn storms garner and the seas get wild. They are very small, beautiful, and often considered a good luck charm. She offered to post one out to anyone who thought they might like a little something to help them through winter. 


My first thought was to walk on by and let others enjoy this. Then I traced back my steps. I’d love this! A little connection from someone far away from me but who shares my sense of unity. So I said ‘yes please’. And now she’ll send me a groatie buckie.   


I’ll put it near the kettle, or on my desk beside this keyboard, and it will indeed help me through winter. I’ll smile each time I see it. 


Thank you lady out there. 


Love from

The room above the garage 

A Moodscope member.

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