The half and half walks

17 Mar 2019

I'm only half keen to do them. I only walk half way somewhere and back again. I only half pay attention to anything when I'm walking. Wait a minute... that's a good thing! I'm stuck and I'm grumpy. I'm negative and I'm waking up in the night. And so I'm trying to see if I can walk a little bit more often. Fresh air and a dose of proper outside daylight to keep that circadian rhythm on track. It helped that yesterday I had a partner to walk and talk with, even if she was a little press-ganged by the lure of buying a facemask. It helped that today it was cold, crisp and beautifully sunny. Let's see if I have the grit to lean into a walk on the tougher days. The ones I wish to resist will be the ones I need most. Let's see what I've got.

Do you need a half and half walk? If not, what do you need today? Realistic offerings are best but I'll take anything, dreams on a bad day work for everyone. (A caravan with a big bathroom on an empty shoreline, two floppy cashmere jumpers and Springsteen.)

It can be a revealing and helpful question... what do you need?

Love from

The room above the garage

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