The kindest rejection

6 Aug 2020

Recently I sent in some poems and short story to a new Magazine online that was asking for submissions.I received an email saying my submission was declined. The editor explained that they had so many submissions, but she said she liked it so much it was on the long list. There were over 350 submissions and she was touched by the passion of my poem. So, it was a rejection, but it was done in a very kind way.

I started to think how often we get criticism, or are rejected for a job, or a submission, or for a prize in a competition.


It was so nice to have the woman take the time not to say why my writing was not accepted but to say what she liked about it.

If you have had to reject someone or their work in any capacity do you say it with some positive words? Some may say if you want to be a writer or apply for jobs, or enter competitions you must expect you may not be chosen, or you may not win. I understand that but I think it is great if someone takes time to explain why your work was not a winner or why you were not chosen.


Many years ago I applied for a job and had an interview. They subsequently called me to say that they liked my enthusiasm, but I didn’t have enough experience. At the time I felt disappointed, how could I get experience if no one would give me a job.


Now I feel they didn’t have to say anything, but they said something positive and gave me advice to get more experience.


I would like to find out your thoughts about being rejected or receiving criticism. Is it helpful to have someone say how they liked your work etc or do you think we should just accept that our work maybe rejected?

Would you like to share some of your thoughts about any kind rejections you have given to others or received?


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