The kindness crème

14 Mar 2020

I have an empty plastic pot, clean, with a lid, waiting to be used in the drawer under my bed; but it doesn't matter if it isn't. It has been there for 9 years and will probably continue so for many more. Originally it held an inexpensive face and hand crème, all of which I used. Then washed it and put it away.

Nine years ago I was a patient on a psychiatric ward in a city nearly 40 miles from home in order to have ECT. I was severely depressed (again). I didn't know anybody. I was withdrawn and uncommunicative.

Shortly after I was admitted I was taken one evening, with other patients, to the social centre where the evening's activity was bingo. There were various staff members who also joined in. The winner of each round could choose a small prize.

I didn't win, but one of the winners was a support worker who said she would give her choice of prize to a patient. She chose me. I chose the kindness crème.

Every time I used it I could remember that small, spontaneous, unsought, unselfish gift, given to me despite what I was. I didn't have to 'deserve' it, just accept it. I try to be a gift giver now.

Nothing is good enough to put in the pot!


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