The time when…

19 Feb 2021

I heard a Ted talk where the person said by just writing down the words ‘The time when’ it would help you to remember things and maybe see a pattern. The suggestion was to write down ten sentences, then narrow them down to three that interested you, then pick one to write in depth.

For today's blog, I was thinking just go with ‘The time when’. You may want to just keep on writing or you may want to write a few lines beginning with the words ‘The time when’. You may think about what you experienced, what you saw, what you heard, what you felt, or just see where those three words take you.

I find whenever I do this exercise, I get different memories.

The time when my friendship group at high school told me that I was no longer a member of the group.

The time when I was caught in a rip on a beach and was saved by a man on a surfboard.

The time when I was not allowed in an adult singing group that was meant for everyone because the teacher said I was so out of tune I was putting everyone off.

I just wrote moments and did not elaborate. You may want to examine one memory in detail. Up to you. I must admit most of my memories are sad or embarrassing ones. It is funny how I recall those and not the happy ones.

Now it is your turn to start with  the words”The time when " and see where it takes you. Try not to edit, just what pops in your mind. It doesn’t have to be in the first person, or could be about how you observed someone else.

The time when my brother was hit by a car after riding his scooter down our steep driveway after being told not to.

A couple of questions, as it wouldn't be me without a question - how did you feel about what you wrote? Were you surprised what you wrote ?


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