There are ALWAYS helpers

20 Mar 2020

If you don't already suffer from anxiety the daily news coming at us from a variety of screens and modalities is enough to drive anyone there.


What I like about human nature is that when the chips are down many immediately set to, working out ways of helping those who might need it. Immediately the thoughts go towards other people.

So when you feel in despair and all the news is anxiety making... look for the helpers. There are ALWAYS helpers. Always people who are helping.

There may not feel like there is much to control in this current world BUT! There IS our humanity. We can ALL be helpers for someone.

I've seen offers of shopping for those who self-isolate, advice to keep themselves and loved ones safe, offers of online activities, support and communication across many services and leisure, neighbourhood lists drawn up to make sure everyone is kept in awareness and contact, thoughtful calls or texts to a those on their own or elderly who needed it, an unexpected card through the letter box. All things that made people feel that they were not alone.

Maybe there isn't much we can do for the world as a whole right now, but we CAN do something for the people around us, the people in our care and circles and ourselves.

And before we start thinking that the 'ourselves' bit is selfish... just remember the age old oxygen-mask-on-a-plane analogy. It knows it's wisdom.

I love that saying by Paul Shane Spear:

"As one person I cannot change the world but I can change the world for one person"


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