Trying a new creative activity

13 Jun 2020

Lately we have been encouraged to take on a hobby or creative pursuit that will challenge us.

I have no artistic bone in my body and my creativity is limited to words or arranging mandarins in a bowl.

So, I bought two visual diaries and one sketch book, coloured pencils, texts and water colours and pencils.

I bought a practical box to store them in and that is where they have stayed for two months.

What stops me from opening the  box?

Is it fear of failure, is it fear of the unknown, Is it all the voices from my childhood tell me I can’t colour in, I draw like a 5 year old, I have no talent, stick to words.

I thought I could try collage, so I saved up catalogues, and pretty paper, but even collage scares me.

People say there is no wrong with being creative, have a go, but all these people have skills and talent.

A friend and her niece had a drawing challenge and each night posted their amazing drawings. My crude stick figure art and animals look like a 5-year-old drawing compared to theirs. Do not compare I hear you say, but the reality is we do compare.

Art is personal, do you own thing, but I do not want ridicule. Sure, I can do words but why is it so hard to try a new creative outlet.

I wonder do we do things we are skilled at or are we skilled at the things we do?

In my experience people who enjoy art are talented at it, rarely someone like me with no talent attempts any type of art. If we feel it is difficult and do not enjoy being creative, then we often do not try.


I wonder did anyone try  a new craft or creative outlet in last few months. How did it go?

Did anyone like me buy the tools needed then for whatever reason never started. Why?


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