Turn round 180 degrees.

25 Apr 2015

I started this piece a while back, inspired by the following comment written by Lex (To exercise or exorcise, 9th February).

"Last week I misread a friend's comment – and jumped to a conclusion – the wrong one. In fact it was so wrong, it was 180 degrees opposite to their intention."

Usual Sunday walk with my beloved – which I use to measure my limited energy levels due to a chronic medical condition and which helps to lift my resulting low mood; on our customary mid-way stop to admire the view over the river estuary we were faced with thunderous black clouds, advancing swiftly towards us (would we get back to the car without getting wet?). Yet when we turned 180 degrees and looked south...wow! What a change! Blue, blue skies stretching away to the horizon and bright, shining sunlight dancing on a sparkling blue sea...

Which reminds me of my own mind set and moods; too often I waste time looking at the worst possible scenario; Oh I am really, really good at playing these out; dialogues, actions, the lot, with me in the starring role of course! Yet I seem completely unable to accept even the possibility of any positive scenarios and outcomes. Even when my nearest and dearest patiently try to point out possible alternative outcomes, I am still so quick to dismiss their assessment of my situation because they just don't "get it". In fact they nearly always do "get it" spot on – but for some reason I can't or won't hear that message.

So, I need to listen properly to their comments and simply accept that they could be right; I need to turn round 180 degrees and look in a completely different direction; I need to focus on the more positive scenario and "act as if" that is the more likely outcome – because, do you know what, if I "act as if" things will go well, then they stand a much better chance of doing so.


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