Two Mile Walk.

11 Nov 2014

The other day I was sitting at my computer, it was raining outside and windy, I felt fat and lazy (tired, depressed, you name it I felt it in all its negativity).

Then I suddenly remembered a YouTube clip, which my son's American girlfriend had sent me a year or so ago when she knew, because of a broken wrist I was unable to run or do much exercise. She thought this would help. And it did.

So the other grey afternoon, I clicked on the link, cleared a small space in front of my computer and started to watch (then got up off my chair!). Just hearing the sound of the familiar music cheered me up and I hadn't even started the walk.

It's a 2 mile "walk" which you can do at home and it lasts 30 minutes.

The girl who walks through it with you is great and very motivational. You can imagine old, fat, young, tired (yup that's me), thin people doing just the same as you while you are walking. Well I do.

There is also a one mile and a three mile version so you could start with the 1 mile walk which lasts 15 minutes.

Honestly I can guarantee you will feel so good afterwards. I am so happy I have discovered Lesley again. For starters, just watch it and you'll see what I mean.


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